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A proessional guide to make up looks for any day

Enhancing Your Looks as a Modern Woman

It is not a secret that as women, we regard how we look and present ourselves very highly. To get that perfect look that you always desire is not often an easy feat to achieve. This can be due to a number of reasons, most common of all among many women is the huge and overly diverse range of products available. The wide range of choice is both a blessing and curse as some put it, mainly because before finding the right one, or the right combinations for you takes some time. Here we’ll take a look at a few of the common types of make up most used to enhance looks.

The Face

This is ultimately the first point most women look out for when thinking about their looks. We’ll gloss over a few main points to get your face looking smoking hot!

I. Eye Makeup
Trends in the makeup industry are ever on the change and quite frankly, eye makeup sees new ones more often than others. To highlight this, let’s take a look at some few ways to style up your eyes:

Eye Shadow
This is an obvious choice for this category. To get the best results, it is advisable to use a good eye primer. This acts a good base for the eye shadow that you’re applying.
Eye shadows also come in varying qualities and as such it is imperative that you find a shade that well complements your skin tone.
Eye Lashes
Well maintained eye lashes can go a long way in enhancing your overall look. This can be achieved by curling which in turn complements the shape of your eyes.
More to that there are more ways to fancy-up your eye lashes. Recent trends on how to cut and shape them have been all the rage like the cat-eye make up up one which was popularized by certain TV personalities. There are also wearable eyelashes in case your natural ones can’t get quite the look you want.
Eye Brows
Your eye brows can be trimmed and shaped to just how you like them. Some prefer shaving them off and drawing them on to just how they like it and both ways are sure to get the results you want.

 II.    Lips
Lip-wear is also a fast growing and changing area of makeup. The hardest part is choosing the best lip color for your skin tone. This is because there are numerous shades of colors available and tough all may be just as equally great, not all can well complement your looks as perfectly as you imagine they would. There’s also the option of wearing no lipstick at all, ‘nude lips’ it’s called. If you’re not in the mood or you feel no shade of lipstick wears well on you, then this can be a great way to still maintain a sexy look for your lips. It entails finding a good muted shade of transparent lip gloss with just a little opacity to just tease your natural lip color.

III.    Cheeks
Getting that perfect blush can be perfect for highlighting your cheeks. To achieve this, first and foremost having an appropriate make up brush is essential so as to ensure you don’t do a sloppy job of it by either applying too much or too little of it.

Somethings to keep in mind......

Despite the many highlights and iterations on make-up, there are a few other thing to consider when trying to find that perfect look.

1. Jewelry
Jewelry has always been at the heart of completing the overall outlook for many people. Finding the right one for you is also no easy task since there are a lot of choices out there, from generic to bespoke jewellery.

2. Clothing
The choice of clothes is also a major consideration for your overall look. They should be selected appropriately based on body type, shape and size. A bad fit of clothing can make you look sloppy before any other part of you has a chance to be noticed.

The road to attaining that perfect look is not an easy one. As can be seen, a lot of things are up for consideration. How you pick each of the things listed above and apply them for your overall look is what’s important. Overdoing any bit will have negative results so moderation is the key when it comes to make-up, apply just enough at just the right places and you’ll be well on your way to a fabulous look! Just remember to always keep it simple and to make the right combinations.

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