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Contemporary jewellery London is all about the person

The classics vs. the trendy

Classic jewellry, just as the name suggests, has been in the market for quite long. Those techniques, materials and styles have endured the passing of time and gained a place in our culture. We can recognize the most classic pieces and will always consider them of good taste, and a safe choice if you're designing your outfit and accessories for an event or your everyday life. However, the fact that we as society have found something that works and we like, doesn't mean that we have to get stuck in it forever!

People also like innovation, personalisation and novelty. We love to show off accessories and jewellry that will call other people's attention and make us look unique and outstanding. Wearing a designer's piece, of a style we like, is always special. And we have so many stores, so many artisans, so mainy chains offering us a wide variety of products, that nobody will left out without the chance to acquire a piece of jewellry that they find perfect for their taste and their personal style.

There shouldn't be a battle between classic pieces and modern ones. You can always combine them and pick one or the other according to the occasion and even how you feel like wearing that time in particular. It is really fantastic that we can have the chance to choose what to put on in each moment, and what to surprise someone with when we give a piece of jewellry as a gift.

When jewellry gets personal

Just as with any other kind of product, personalised jewellry is always seen as more valuable and more special than off-the-shelf pieces, even those that are expensive or in fashion at the time. With such a wide variety of designs available, everyone should have exactly the style that they want. Finding the perfect piece for yourself or for a gift is now easier than ever with online shopping, sites like Ebay are great to find all sorts of jewellry from all around the world. Perhaps you won't find many classic, super expensive or ellegant designs here, but contemporary jewellry is all over the place and personalized or special accessories are available in a huge range of styles.

If you can get in contact with an artisan and ask for a custom piece, you will definitively have unique jewellry in your hand, either for yourself or someone else, and there is for sure a huge value in that. However, remember that it will cost you accordingly. That's a good option, but not your only one. Finding contemporary jewellry has become easier, especially in places like London where you have stores all over the place.

Where to buy contemporary jewellry

If you search for jewellry stores in the Internet, you will find a long, long list of places, including physical stores as well as online shops. Now, which ones are good? Do their products actually look as good as in the pictures? Where can I be sure to find 100% authentic gemstones and diamonds, if that's my interest?

One of the best places where you can go if you are in London is Hatton Gardens, which is a street dedicated to jewellry. You have literally one jewellry shop after the other, so you can spend your afternoon there, looking at beautiful pieces and making your final choice. You have such variety in styles and prices that you can be sure to find anything there, from diamond bridal sets to contemporary design pieces in precious metals. Hatton Gardens is the most cost-effective way to look for jewellry in London, with plenty of stores one after the other.

If you want more options, Beaverbooks is another nice store. Here you will find jewellry, watches and other accessories for both men and women. You can search their online catalogue and check for yourself how wide their range is. Also, John Lewis is a good place for finding trendy and cool jewellry with a profound sense of style. It's a very large shop with many branches, so you can also find other products, including other gifts, appliances, furniture and general house stuff. You can go to John Lewis as a part of a shopping day and get all those things you need, including of course one or two niece pieces of contemporary jewellry.

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless. The point here is that you know what you want and where to look for it. Opportuinites are everywhere, so you can be sure that, whatever you want, you will end up finding it.

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