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How much do you know about diamonds?

There is so much to know about diamonds.......

Diamonds have long been an item of much want for a lot of people, stemming from the fact that most world celebrities are known to own and show off their pieces whenever in the limelight. Since the turn of the last century, they have played a big role in a lot of world economies and continue to do so.

Aside from their allure and the sheer spectacle they provide, a lot of people don’t know much or know so little about diamonds.

The Origin of Diamonds

Diamonds are formed from the naturally occurring element carbon. The naturally available diamonds have been reported to be mostly over 1.5 Billion years old. They form under high pressures over such a length of time ergo their rarity and high value.
The De Beers Company is ultimately responsible for making diamonds the phenomenon that they are today. By exporting them from their mines to having Hollywood A-list celebrities and other global icons don and endorse them, they turned them into a must have item. Enough of the science and history stuff though, we look at how and what diamonds regarded as some of the ultimate gemstones are and some of the basic information you need to have on them.

What you need to know about diamonds

I.    The 4 Cs

A term often heard by many but not particularly understood when talking about various diamond jewellery. A carat is defined as the measured mass of a diamond, with a carat being around 200mg. That being said, one would assume that the value or pricing of the diamond increases linearly with carat size but this would be an inaccurate assumption. While fairly true, it is important to note that sellers price them according to demand since a certain carat bracket may be preferred by most buyers.
Quite a lot of people seem not to know that colored diamonds fall lower on the diamond grading system. The ultimate and best of diamonds are colorless according to the grading chart and those falling in this category are labelled from D grade diamonds. These however are very rare as are ultimately the perfectly naturally colored diamonds.
Another confusing property pertaining to diamonds for most people. The cut of the diamond refers to the methodology in which it ultimately ends up in its gem form from its early state as a rough stone. It is a measure of the degree of craftsmanship, from how it is shaped and polished into its final stated gem form.
Clarity is a collective measure of the internal defects present in a diamond piece. Factors like cracks or hues visible in the piece are what is looked at under this category. In essence though a little over 18% of diamonds mined have an acceptable clarity range.

II.    To own one

Diamonds have been at the center of many controversies over the years and as such some policies and effects have been put in place that you only get ethically approved diamonds. You may have heard of the term conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. These are the unethically acquired or mined diamonds that may end up in the market and as such some countries have adopted what is known as the Kimberly process. This is one of the certifications for precious jewels that has slightly alleviated the presence of illegal diamonds on the market.

You can buy them from a jeweler who presents you with these papers or from other points which deal with trade in diamonds.

III.    Pricing

Like earlier stated, the primary factor when it comes to valuing diamonds is the carat size. For the most part, one carat is often within a $3,000 to $18,000 price range. The pricing varies when all the 4Cs come into play and are factored in to give the final price. You can get a good 1 carat piece diamond for $5000 across a lot of jewelry dealers and rarely do you have to pay the upper limit for this kind of piece.

IV.    Where you buy them

In the quest to own a diamond, where you but it is also an important factor to consider. This is because if you opt for a world renowned or slightly similar jewelry chain wherever you are, the price is sure to go up a little. This is because aside from the actual piece, you’re also buying their brand, their service and that can strain your budget more than you’d want so choose the place wisely.

So in conclusion, there is so much more to diamonds than just being the shiny object every woman desires. If you plan on buying a diamond anytime soon, make sure you do sufficient research.

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